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Pot Luck and Meet-up with Tucson Rio Yaqui Delegates


"The Yaqui nation in Mexico needs your solidarity. Many Yaqui have been maintaining a blockade of the highway running through their lands in order to defend water rights and the Rio Yaqui. Labor day weekend the Alianza Indígena, the Yoeme Human Rights Network, the Alliance for Global Justice and the Gloo Factory will visit with blockade leaders and deliver contributions we have raised to support this important cause. Come meet with the delegates and learn more! Please bring a dish to share if you can, and if you can’t, please come anyway! Besides the good food, there will be speakers, music and videos about the struggles. All money collected will go towards supporting the struggle and the delegation.

The government of the Mexican state of Sonora is attempting to divert water from the Rio Yaqui to Hermosillo mainly to a “NAFTA-zone*” industrial area that includes Ford, Coca-cola, Tecate and other big corporate plants. The Yaqui nation’s rights concerning this river were guaranteed by a 1937 treaty. These rights must be upheld and respected, not abrogated. Failure to protect the river will leave in its wake yet another dry riverbed where water once flowed.
*: NAFTA stands for the North American Free Trade Agreement”



Suheir Hammad - In America

Right now you are standing on stolen land
No matter where you are hearing this poem,
I promise you, below you, is stolen land
Was Lakota, was Navaho, was Creek,
Was and was, and is and is,
And this fact does not change
Because you do not think about it
Or you thought the last Indian died before you were born
Or you were born one-fifteenth Apache,
This poem is not blaming you,
But allowing you an opportunity to do something
Start by saying something,
And from where you are standing,
Look North, South, look West, look East,
And see the theft, the occupation
Happening now,
And do something, start, start, by saying something

thank you voidness, s.

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